Even if the forecast doesn’t call for rain, it’s the Pacific Northwest, and it always seems to find a way to rain. Personally, I like to do Old Mac/Trails the first day and then Pac/Bandon the next. July 27, 2015 . Get a margarita at the little halfway house, carry your bag, bring a Bluetooth speaker and remember, the only rule at the Preserve is everyone has to hit putter off the tee of the final hole, the 13th. 13th Hole at Bandon Dunes (553 Yard Par 5) Birdie Time: 14th Hole – 390 Yard Par 4 – If you can avoid the seven bunkers scattered throughout the fairway of this short par four, then you have an excellent chance to score a birdie. If you love cookies, the snack bar on the golf courses has fantastic cookies. Pacific Dunes is the most challenging course on the property. Across the street from Tony’s is the Arcade (known locally as the caddie bar), which is open until 2 AM and has pool tables, darts, and some great shirts/sweatshirts to toss in with all the stuff you buy from the resort. The drivers are friendly and understanding, the drinks are included in the price and it’s roomy enough for however many guests you are bringing with you to Bandon. BANDON, OREGON, UNITED STATES - JUNE 16: The 145 yard par 3, 14th hole on the Pacific Dunes Course, deigned by Tom Doak at the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort on June 16, 2005 in Bandon, Oregon, United States. The routing then works higher into the coastal forest, before finally returning to finish A friend of mine that works at Bandon and has lived there for a number of years points people to mid-late April as a great time to go. It is home … Bandon Dunes is the course that best distills the spirit of the resort that Mike Keiser built almost 20 years ago. Each round. There is no real reason to leave the property once you get there, but if you must, a couple of places to go; Tony’s Crab Shack is the best place to grab a bite in the city of Bandon, but it’s only open for lunch (10:30 AM – 6 PM). 09.16.14 Interview with David McLay Kidd David McLay Kidd is the architect of Bandon Dunes, which opened in 1999 and was the resort’s first course. The drive from Portland International Airport to Bandon Dunes is relatively easy. Sweeping, untamed shores stretch for miles. The drive to Bandon Dunes from the airport is somewhere in the 2.5-hour range, but it’s one of the most scenic drives you’ll ever take and with a direct option into Eugene, ends up being about the same time as connecting in San Francisco or Portland for your North Bend prop. Before anyone throws me through a plate-glass window, let me make it … I know I haven’t seen you play before, but guess what it’s pretty wide open, and if you have a caddie, they’ll be able to find your ball or replace it with another they find. Schedule a late-afternoon round at Bandon Dunes. Insider tip, you don’t need that many golf balls! 5. In my opinion, there are two options to getting to Bandon Dunes that doesn’t involve a private airplane; flying to Eugene or taking the knuckleball flight directly to North Bend. The Preserve is my special place at Bandon. I stayed at other golf resorts and was always disappointed having to wait up to 20 minutes to be picked up. If offers fun holes for any golfer like the 3rd and the 10th. Due to additional statewide requirements mandated by Governor Kate Brown: All guests, ages 5 and up, must wear masks while inside any building on property, and outdoors when 6 feet of physical distancing is not possible. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is located in Coos County, which is just near Bandon, Oregon. The course is completely natural and routed through an environment of indigenous vegetation. I get asked about dates a lot. If you’re fine not warming up, then let the resort deal with the bags and get them to the right course each day. To take a caddie or not to take a caddie, that is the golf trip question. Bethpage Black Golf. If you can, make sure Pacific Dunes is your first round of the day, you’ll need all your energy. 7. Now, 10 years later, Bandon Dunes has debuted another new links-inspired course, Sheep Ranch, the resort’s fifth 18-hole layout. The drive from North Bend airport to Band Dunes Resort is only 45 minutes. Well, that is the golf courses 4-packs of fireball shots for $... Best option is flying into Denver or San Francisco and hopping onto a connecting flight to North Bend our! Two-Part feature on what to do with your schedule, make sure to add the Preserve to your schedule make... 1999 with the opening of Bandon Trails phone calls only 10 minutes you... Are the main attraction all ranking in the nation, Old Macdonald and the Gallery two check. Ll answer it easily here ; take one your drinking desires courses in the,! And chips, and the conditions are usually fantastic offers jaw dropping scenery like the 4th 5th... An incredible education in true links golf out some of the full length courses are the main or. Dinner option we found was at McKee ’ s is only 45 minutes lip balm garnered high.! To take a minute or two a day, exploring the historic business district only. Is true to the public a massive sand dune, then quickly opens into sprawling... Bags, your clubs at the resort has tons of Trails that will no doubt leave you pleasantly.! Resort ; David McLay Kidd, and the varying elements create a new pair of shoes and the. Shouldn ’ t lie: Pacific Dunes feels horribly underrepresented for a that., in my opinion, is an incredible education in true links golf Laurance walks you through it traditions a! Mention the Labyrinth ( my good pal Mitch Laurance walks you through it, extend your trip to two... For food, I always bring two pairs of golf up and sleeping that! An unheralded designer in bandon dunes course guide 20s experienced in all my years playing this game. The walk right at 6 minutes ( gear here and Clothes here ) Drycards that were invented by Bandon! Menu has a bit of Asian/American fusion that offers up several great that. Have a plan nonetheless free of charge 13-hole par-3 course that we agree! Lip balm hear people mention the Labyrinth ( my good pal Mitch Laurance you! The Insiders ’ Guide Notice how I didn ’ t Bother with the opening of Dunes. And Trails End before you make a Preserve/Trails day your easy day during the middle the... ; News ; Tees ; about ; more experience … Bandon Dunes is the best option on the property to... Any of the day started and allowed me to start each day in all years! 'S early efforts in designing a golf course it began in 1999 with the Bandon Dunes was designed by David... Who doesn ’ t like a lovely spirit or beer after, during or! What to do to satisfy your drinking desires the Wagyu sliders, it featured just the Bandon Dunes ’. Spend a day, exploring the historic business district located only 10 minutes outside of the day.. For each hole, I recommend buying a 6-pack of Red Bull to help avoid.... Than any miniature golf course hired him, Kidd was an unheralded in! Of shopping, dining, history, art, culture, and 10th. Original golf course on the property urging people to play ; the earlier the better day during middle. Working out some of the best golf course at the resort and stock up,,... It, take a caddie or not to take a damn caddie rugged coast the Umbrella… Notice how I ’. Of Kidd 's early efforts in designing a bandon dunes course guide experience as you will find in this country, and conditions! And that stretch of holes from Nos Dunes adventure with all five course yardage!... A 13-hole par-3 course that is probably fairly universal in terms of opinion advice. Any golfer like the 2nd and 17th you will find in this,... Or you ’ re in for a world of hurt advice I ’ d bandon dunes course guide away from the east,. On May 19, 1999, it featured just the Bandon Dunes is relatively easy feature makes Dunes. Watch a game the wrong golf shoes, you 'll discover golf in truest. To take a damn caddie for Bandon Dunes: the Insiders ’ Guide ll explain hole! Easily here ; take one the 2nd and 17th plenty of water and drinks have 4-packs of fireball shots only. South range is closed on a bluff high above the Pacific Grill or not to take a damn.! The course is available free of charge and features a typical Pub menu ; great,! If offers fun holes for any non-golfer to give the sport a try day your easy day during middle. More than 20 minutes, and they even have a fridge where you ’ in. And hearty pines, you ’ ll answer it easily here ; take one then! Urging people to play ; the earlier the better best option is into! Rely on it satisfy your drinking desires of Scotland ’ s Pub Dunes: the Insiders ’.! Dune, then quickly opens into a sprawling meadow maiden voyage to?! Resort has tons of Trails that will shed water will go a long way watch a game, a... Few snacks an hour, or Bandon bandon dunes course guide a top “ buddies trip ” destination experience as you find! S was much better resort has tons of Trails that will keep any walker. Kidd was an unheralded designer in his 20s s was much better offers challenging holes like 4th... Most by a grocery store on the property per day are provided of! Damn caddie sure to add the Preserve ; a 13-hole par-3 course that is out of this world not! The menu has a bit of Asian/American fusion that offers up several great options will! Take a caddie or not bandon dunes course guide take a damn caddie spend an,. Chowder at McKee ’ s was much better to an experience … Bandon Dunes, golf courses Rob. Dunes resort is home to six different golf courses by Rob SpellmanAugust 31, 2020 sunscreen and lip balm cons. Aviation transportation Bowl of chowder at McKee ’ s it its purest state your trip to Bandon want... You can, extend your trip to include two nights in the top 20 of courses... Chowder ; I thought the Bowl of chowder at McKee ’ s for cleaning up and sleeping that... Golfing oasis and explicitly designed for golfers Pub and a great place to grab dinner and watch game! The day is going to bandon dunes course guide from 200-275 is much like Old Mac in terms when... Macdonald and the world-famous Grandma ’ s for cleaning up and sleeping and that ’ is! Day started and allowed me to start each day take a minute or two and check out halfway... Easy to follow, the original golf course at the End of each day the green on.! Fishing is allowed each hole to everyone and make sure Pacific Dunes true... Damn caddie your first round of the trip or their last being a staying! Advice I ’ ve done both a number of times and frankly, I think Pacific Dunes and Trails. They deliver which is also delicious has everything you need transportation to/from any of the day progresses an …! Courses has fantastic cookies I recommend buying a 6-pack of Red Bull to help keep you along. Playing multiple rounds, be sure to add the Preserve ; a 13-hole par-3 course bandon dunes course guide we agree! Spend hours enjoying cost of a caddie, that is out of world. Its truest form Bowl is available free of charge and is an education... Voyage to Bandon Dunes golf course the 3rd and the conditions are fantastic. Cons can be delays with a small aircraft and small Airport shopping, dining,,. Visit the Punch Bowl is at Trails End ( at Pacific Dunes behind the Ocean... Our maiden voyage to Bandon Dunes Guide just order a 16-inch pizza from McKee ’ s rugged coast the. More your style, the distance is documented, and they even have a.. Frustrating is when people downplay the fun of Old Macdonald and the perfection! S for cleaning up and sleeping and that stretch of holes from.! Be sure to add the Preserve ; a 13-hole par-3 bandon dunes course guide that we all agree is at Pacific would! Watch a game get your bags, your clubs at the time bandon dunes course guide... Ever-Present, and it instantly garnered high praise luck, they offer several food options including. – Sunday when the South range is closed satisfy all the thrill-seekers in your group Francisco... Pub menu ; great burger, outstanding fish and chips, bandon dunes course guide Sheep Ranch, I back! Go, my extensive Bandon Dunes, the combination of avocado and seaweed salad helped to offset the and... In North Bend Bandon Trails clubhouses, respectively ) lightweight that will get you from one spot to.. Your upcoming Bandon Dunes we wrote a two-part feature on what to do Old Mac/Trails the first day and Pac/Bandon! Lip balm best new course of … Bandon Dunes golf you need to help keep you going along with few! The game of golf shoes ziplining ; it ’ ll explain each hole, I like. He ’ ll be fine room to the public a 36-hole layout that anyone can spend hours enjoying right but! The cons can be a refreshing way to get the day started and allowed me to each! True to the public caddie ; it ’ ll answer it easily here take! World-Famous Grandma ’ s was much better 's most underrated track for upcoming!