Shakespeare Mackerel Feather Spin Rod Ln70 Fishing Reel 10ft 4-6oz 5 … The best way to kill a mackerel is to break its neck. This has to be the best way to catch mackerel and the best lures for mackerel fishing are single spinners with enough weight to be cast on their own. In my opinion, mackerel will hit smaller lures more often than larger ones, except when they’re in a feeding frenzy and start hitting anything. – 3/4-4 oz; Rod Wt. Any mackerel you return to the sea will die, due to the sensitivity of the membrane in their skin and the natural oils in our hands. This article covers the different approaches and tackle to maximise your fun while fishing for mackerel. Are you fishing from a harbour wall or from a kayak? Where can I fish for mackerel in Cornwall? I know many people that have broken their travel rods and I myself snapped one first cast after arriving at a remote lake in New Zealand, which was frustrating! Despite being a self-confessed tackle-tart I prefer fishing with cheaper ice-pike fishing rods from the kayak if I’m trawling for mackerel since they can really take a heavy beating and it doesn’t matter too much if they get bullied a lot by the salt and waves etc. Taxidermist service is also available for special fish catches that passengers want to preserve. When is the best time to fish for them? The rod you want for mackerel fishing depends on whether you will be primarily float fishing, spinning with casting jigs or using mackerel feathers. Penn are one of the most respected names in saltwater tackle and this pier combo is no exception when it comes to their legendary quality and reliability. This effect is more pronounced as lures increase in size. They are found at a range of depths and can be caught from the shore and offshore in boats. Watching the rod slowly drift down into the depths is not an experience I’d like to repeat. When the Critter Fleet boat arrives back at the dock, the fish on the numbered stringers are removed from the cooler and given to their rightful owners. A half day deep sea fishing trip is $50 for adults, $40 for children (under 6 years of age are free) and seniors get a $5 discount. Travel anywhere with your Blackhawk II travel rod. Newsletter. Alternatively, you can buy a high end model and just take good care of it. Mackerel can be caught with really fancy small plugs that you can buy here and for those tackle tarts out there this will prove the most interesting approach. The only solution to this is to set your drag generously and not make the rod take quite so much grunt as you might normally. Plugs don’t allow you to do this without retying on a new one! Basically, for catching loads of mackerel get a 9ft spinning rod, use 2oz lead weights, 20lb line and sabikki feathers. Try fishing at different depths by letting it sink for more or less times. Mackerel fishing in Mevagissey, Fowey, Falmouth, Padstow for instance is decent because you have that immediate access to deeper water. If you do choose to fish with mackerel feathers, you’ll want a fishing rod that casts 2-4oz, preferably about 9ft in length. Liquid splashes and flashes indicate something is moving at a very high speed below the surface, telling the waiting anglers all they need to know. Mackerel predominantly rely on sight for hunting and as you’d imagine they enjoy smashing into bait balls of sandeel and whitebait. It also allows you to target a far broader range of species. Mackerel are usually in from late April onwards but this varies by year and location. May-June is the best time to catch mackerel, although they are caught all summer in numbers and larger specimens are sometimes caught in winter. KastKing travel rods feature amazing design and perfect balance. 10 packs for only £10 cod / mackerel… Mackerel, with their pretty little mouths can’t quite do this, so they tend to take snappy bites rather than gulps. Get the best deal for Mackerel Fishing Rods from the largest online selection at Personally, I think beach casters and boat rods are complete overkill for the mackerel, and totally unnecessary and boring. This approach is probably the most reliable for catching mackerel because you can cast a very long way with this kind of weight and can quickly reach the depth that the fish are hunting at, whatever that might be. The issue with this approach is that it typically involves using really quite heavy spinning rods or even beach casters, which are totally overpowered for the species if you’re fishing for sport rather than purely for food. The best lure for catching lots of mackerel are mackerel feathers or Sabiki feathers. The most fun way is arguably with a single spinner or a float rod fishing rod. Yes, a study has shown that after being handled mackerel die due to the burning of their skin from the natural oils in human hands. Crew members remove the caught fish from the hook and line, then place the fish on a numbered (each fisher is given a number) stringer and into the cooler for the duration of the trip. This is visually brutal but very clean and is by far the fastest and most humane way to kill a mackerel. Consider, am I fishing at a range of different depths? ). 2 inches is perfect for mackerel fishing. There is a Japanese alternative to traditionally sized mackerel feathers which is far superior, called Sabiki feathers. I’ve even known mackerel to take surface plugs, such as the pachinko (available here). Float fishing for mackerel. 1 in 2020. Snug-Fit ferrules provide full length power transition and allow these rods to perform and feel like a 1pc rod. white cod / mackerel feathers. Mackerel Fishing Best Practices. | Free shipping on many items! If you’re asking what the best bait is to catch mackerel, you’re probably fishing with a float rig. They can be fished on a slow or fast retrieve or with a sink and draw approach, whereby the lure is lifted up and then flutters down the water column to form a zigzag shaped retrieve. The entire series of spinning rods and casting fishing rods makes a great travel fishing pole or back-up telescopic fishing pole. Line this thick can tolerate the shock of casting heavier lead weights that are typically used with this setup. It’s just an instant game over once the neck is broken. This sounds like a good problem to have and it is so long as you have plenty of mouths to feed or a large freezer for bait. Can the fish easily take the bait without taking the hook at the same time? Spinning for mackerel can sometimes refer to using mackerel feathers, but I take it to mean using single spinners rather than a string of hooks. Avoid soft plastics with long paddle tails. A forum community dedicated to fishing and boat owners and enthusiasts. With that in mind, I’d recommend this basic setup from Amazon for Spinning With feathers. This means you get less of a fight from the fish and it’s much harder to feel the lighter bites and taps, making the whole experience less engaging and fun. Mevagissey, Looe, Newlyn and Falmouth, for instance. MULTIPURPOSE – The KastKing BlackHawk II travel fishing rod is available in 14 lengths and actions in travel spinning rod and casting rod models.